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Digital Marketing Advice

Digital Marketing Advice

Digital marketing is something that has become important to every business that has an online presence.

In fact, having a website, with a blog and social presence is something that’s becoming increasingly important to every business.

This is especially true as the UK continues its love affair with e-commerce and businesses that ignore the internet do so at their peril. In order to compete these days, the internet is becoming vital, especially since mobile internet users continue to increase at an astounding rate.

Savvy companies know this and have a digital marketing plan already in place. But for younger businesses, or those that haven’t yet ventured fully into the world of online technology, it can be slightly confusing knowing where to start.

This shouldn’t be discounted despite many feeling that email is old fashioned, it’s not. Modern email marketing should be as personalised as possible but this isn’t essential, suffice to say that it remains one of the most effective digital marketing resources and so a monthly newsletter is advisable. As far as SEO goes, some guest posting on good quality, relevant to your industry sites is always a good idea and still has plenty of life in it as a link building technique. However, bear in mind that you can’t buy links, they should never be in a promotional post and they should be closely related to your industry.

For as long as SEO has been around there have been people predicting its demise, so I shouldn’t pay any attention to the many media scare stories that tend to crop up regularly. If anything, SEO is once more moving back firmly into the realms of the professional as ‘black hat’ tactics fail in the wake of Google’s recent updates.

That’s not to say that there’s not still the odd charlatan out there, but this is certainly reducing now and the quality of the web is rising. If in doubt, never trust anyone who says that they can get you to the top of Google’s rankings as this is something that only Google themselves can actually promise.

Whilst this is an overview of the blanket term ‘digital marketing’, we will be publishing a series of posts that properly drill down each aspect to it, so make sure you check back often!

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