Email Marketing

Email marketing keeps the conversation going and keeps your leads active.

Email marketing should play a key role in any digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing has a trackable lifecycle and your email marketing should be feeding into that lifecycle, keeping the conversation going, and providing useful analytics back into your campaign.

Email marketing solutions

Getting it right

Email marketing, like any form of digital marketing is fairly useless if it hasn’t been thought through properly. Your digital marketing campaigns need to be coherent and organised and your email marketing should play a useful and consistent role in all of this!

Email marketing forms a part of the funnelling process, picking up new users, driving users through to your content and ensuring consistency in brand and persona.

We can advise you on how to successfully integrate email into your digital marketing campaigns, providing you with rich content and well branded email templates. We set you up with a platform to manage your email marketing and ensure that the analytics data is fed back into your digital marketing program to enable you to adjust and tailor your content to different users groups.

If you want to know more about how we can ensure your email marketing forms a consistent and useful part of your digital marketing strategy then please contact us.