Digital Leadership

Richard O’flynn.

201Digital was created at the beginning of 2013 by Richard O’flynn, a Digital Entrepreneur who has been involved in e-commerce and internet based businesses since the early 90s.

busy building digital brands

Having secured a 1st in Mathematics from the University of London, and an A-Level maths result that was in the top 5 in the country, Richard embarked on a career in Software Development working with one of the pioneers of massively parallel in-memory Data Analytics. As the Internet started to take shape, Richard embraced it, first working with a pioneering e-commerce software business in the US, and then heading back to the UK to build some of the UK’s earliest e-commerce sites.

While predominantly involved in the software that powered these web sites, the growth of the Internet meant an increasing need for SEO and traffic sourcing techniques. Richard learnt these techniques and started to apply them in his everyday work becoming an expert in SEO theory and digital marketing solutions.

The incredible growth of e-commerce, social media and mobile over the past few years has provided tremendous opportunities for digital businesses and a growing need for specialist skills in digital brand building. Combine this with the many years experience Richard has in this industry and you have the foundations of 201Digital.


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